Social Events

As part of the tradition, Munich Lions invites Cricket Club across borders to promote Cricket.  

Munich Lions will visit Prague Cricket Club in September to play Prague Cup at :

Vinoř Cricket Ground
Bohdanečská 261, 190 17 Praha-Vinoř. 

At the end of the season DCB would like to promote Tennis and Tape ball Cricket in all part of Germany. 

Tapeball Smash will be part of it’s initiative toward promoting Cricket. 

Munich Lions also support the integration of Asylum Seekers into the sports of Cricket. 

Every year we do such events and invite all Asylum Seeker to participate in this mega event for sports. 

This particular event is part of Corporate Social Responsibility for all sponsor’s who would like to provide service for society. 

Munich Lions do offer best players a membership in the club and whole yearly cost will be taken care of by the club board members.